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Carpool Line: Rules, Information and Etiquette

2015-2016 Bradfield Carpool: The Rules


Monday-Friday, twice a day, more than 700 students travel through the doors of Bradfield Elementary by way of the crosswalks and streets surrounding our school. Please keep in mind that the SAFETY of our children is our number one goal (with the SANITY of our parents also important) as you read the following Carpool



1. Enter the carpool queue lane from Mockingbird during peak carpool times, even if the lane appears to be open. Cars are waiting at the light on Douglas.

2. Block Mockingbird Lane.

3. Let your child out or pick your child up in the back of the school on Mockingbird or in a moving traffic lane.

4. Let your child out or pick your child up in the teacher parking lot.

5. Block the driveway of one of our Southern Avenue neighbors.


1. Remember that you are modeling behavior for your child each and every time you are in the car.

2. Remember the spirit of our Bradfield community when you are in carpool line. When you cut in line, you are cutting off your friend and neighbor.

3. Treat others as you would like to be treated.

4. Follow basic traffic safety and courtesy guidelines by going the correct way down streets, yielding to pedestrians, and staying off your cell phone in school zones.

5. Alternate into the carpool queue lane from north- AND southbound Douglas in the MORNING ONLY.

6. Line up for the afternoon carpool queue lane going southbound on Douglas only - no entry from northbound Douglas in the afternoons.

7. Stay INSIDE the traffic bumps until you get to the end of the queue lane for MORNING CARPOOL ONLY. Otherwise, Southern Avenue gets gridlocked, and no one can move.

8. Feel free to cross over the traffic bumps for AFTERNOON CARPOOL.

9. Use the crosswalks. Dropping your child off in the middle of Southern Avenue to navigate the carpool line is DANGEROUS.

10. Stop to let your child out at the middle doors or after, NOT before. (Moving up allows the line on Douglas to move faster.) PLEASE, remind everyone dropping off or picking up your child of the carpool rules. Some of our biggest problems come from people claiming they did not know better.

See below for the printable version of the rules and the printable version of the carpool diagram.