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Bienvenido a mi clase
My name is Eric Inboden. 

I am going to be your child's Spanish Teacher. This is exciting as we embark on an incredible learning journey with one another! Our class is going to be fun, unique, and fruitful. The students will walk away with a better understanding of Spanish and the rich Hispanic cultures that are omnipresent in our fast changing world.

We have put a ton of effort into the creation of this program. The intention is for this program to sustain for a long time and propel us into the future as knowledgeable world leaders and cultured citizens. We want our students to have every opportunity to learn and create with the Spanish language. 

As this program launches we will inevitably have pitfalls and hurdles, but that is the beauty of being a part of something new, we all get to have an impact on how the end product will look. Hopefully, we can grow together and create a legacy, starting this year!

Thank you again for visiting my page. You will find some information about the content of the program in the links on this page. You can peruse my photos that I have uploaded of me and my family and learn a bit more about me and my experience.

I am looking forward to connecting with you and your child!


Eric Inboden