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John S. Bradfield Elementary

Adventure Dash Fun Run

Adventure Dash Fun Run

September 22, 2017 

Adventure Dash is a flat pledge fitness event held in the fall. Adventure Dash uses fun-filled, age-appropriate obstacle courses as a way to show students that no obstacle is too hard to overcome when trying to achieve a goal.
Every student participates in the Fun Run, regardless of pledges raised. This is the time to have your children ask friends, family and neighbors for their support.
Fundraising is very important to Bradfield Elementary. Raising money through independent fundraising allows Bradfield to keep 100% of the profits raised. Bradfield Elementary is raising money to put back into the teachers' classrooms. The funds will go towards new books and learning materials for the children.

We are excited to be partnering with Adventure Dash this year for our Fall Fundraiser. Establishing this partnership is allowing Bradfield to keep a larger portion of the funds raised.

We encourage all parents, family and friends to come to support their children during the event.
Adventure Dash Chairs:
Laura Gaither and Emily Haddock