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Bridging Activities

Supporting a smooth transition during the upcoming year for each student.

District Bridging

Bradfield Bridging: Moving from Grade to Grade and Campus to Campus

Adjustments to new classrooms, teachers and campuses are frequently especially difficult for children with special needs or learning differences. To help ensure the smooth transition of those students in HPISD, Bridging processes take place each spring and fall semester.

Class Lists

The principal and counselor work together creating classes for the following year.  The special education teacher and campus coordinator work together completing a list matching students with teachers for the upcoming year.   We talk to the “receiving” General Education Teacher about the students they will have who are served in special education.  This gives the General Education Teacher time to prepare for the students they will be serving.  Some children may be feeling anxious about transitioning to a new class with a new teacher, so the campus coordinator will try to inform their parents of the new teacher for the upcoming school year.

Student and Parent Visits

The week before school starts, our students who may benefit from advanced preparation for transitions are invited to visit their new General Education Teacher and classroom.  This is an opportunity for the students to see their new room, where their new desk and locker will be and spend approximately 15 minutes of one-on-one time with their soon-to-be teacher.  Parents are invited to meet with the Campus Coordinator, Resource teacher, and Speech Pathologist to discuss procedures and answer questions.  The campus coordinator will send those students and their families a letter two weeks before the start of school to let them know the date and time to visit.  There is a “Meet and Greet” for students in PPCD and their families as well.  They will receive an invitation in the mail, too.

Bridging Day
Thursday before school starts, the entire faculty has “Bridging Day”.  In the morning the entire faculty receives staff development from the counselor regarding the SST process, the nurse reviews safety and food allergies, and the Jump Start and TAG teachers share information about their special programs. The special education team will discuss confidentiality, and have specific training on various special education topics that affect us as educators. The majority of that day is devoted to meetings with the special education team and teachers who have students in special education. During this meeting, the General Education Teachers are given lots of information about their students served in special education. Some examples of this information are:  IEP goals, classroom accommodations, effective strategies for classroom success, information from the previous year’s General Education Teacher and information from the student’s Special Education Teacher.


The Following Activities Are Specifically for 4th Graders Moving to MIS

4th Graders’ Annual ARD Meetings: At every 4th grader’s Annual ARD meeting, the campus coordinator from McCulloch Intermediate School is invited to attend the ARD.  They help answer any parent questions, discuss programming options and help us prepare the student’s special education schedule of services for 5th grade. They also describe the summer opportunities to visit the school and teachers to prepare for 5th grade.

Schedule of Services: The Campus Coordinator sends copies of each 4th grader’s Schedule of Services to the MIS Campus Coordinators in May.  This allows them to analyze the most up to date information before the files actually leave the campus.

Student Files Moved from Bradfield to MIS in June

Blue Student Folders- These include the written information completed by General Education Teacher, the Special Education Teacher, student work samples as well as informal assessments/results.

MIS Manila Folder- MIS sends us a manila folder for every incoming student served in special education.  The file is then filled with needed information including copies of the Accommodations, IEPs, FBA/BIP, as well as a “Student Fact Sheet” completed by the Special Education Teacher.

Audit Folder- A student's audit folder contains all of the official ARD documents.  The audit folder, manila MIS folder and the blue student folder are all passed from the Bradfield Campus Coordinator to the MIS Campus Coordinators after the 4thgrade school year has concluded.