Kindergarten and New Student Round-Up » Step 2: Review Virtual Resources

Step 2: Review Virtual Resources

Welcome to the 2022 Kindergarten Round-Up Virtual Resource page designed to help parents of incoming kindergarten students learn more about Bradfield Elementary School, kindergarten and what students will learn, and the enrollment process to reserve a spot for your child.
Please take time to review each of the six modules below after watching a welcome video from Bradfield Principal Regina Dumar. We are excited to welcome your family to our Bradfield and HPISD family.
Module 1
Here to support your child and family

  • Character Strong program
  • Support with transition
  • Guidance lessons
Estimated time: 2.5 minutes
Module 2
Welcome to Kindergarten

  • Meet a classroom teacher
  • Kindergarten assessments
Estimated time: 1 minute
Module 3
Curriculum & Instruction

  • Meet a classroom teacher
  • What students learn
  • Language Arts
  • Math
  • Social Studies and Science
  • Technology
Estimated time: 1 minute
Module 4
Campus Enrichments

  • Meet a classroom teacher
  • Science Lab
  • Library, Garden and Specials
Estimated time: 1 minute
Module 5
Campus Environment

  • Meet a classroom teacher
  • Social and Emotional Learning
  • Class family
  • Discipline
Estimated time: 1 minute
Module 6
Day in the Life of a Kindergartener

  • Hear what students have to say
Estimated time: 2.5 minutes