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PTA Treasurer Information

Reimbursement, Payment, and Deposit Procedures
  • DO NOT PAY ANY SALES TAX. Bradfield PTA will not reimburse you for sales tax. Bradfield PTA is a tax-exempt, non-profit organization. Please give the “Texas Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certification” to the supplier or retailer when you are purchasing something for Bradfield. A copy of this form is located in the PTA Treasurer folder in the Bradfield office as well as in the PTA Treasurer Dropbox and is also attached to this document.
  • Complete a Payment Request Form within one week of an expense and attach your sales receipt, invoice, bill, or statement. After 30 days, the expense will no longer be able to be reimbursed and will be considered a donation. You should keep a copy for yourself in case the form is misplaced or put in an incorrect folder. A copy of this form is located in the PTA Treasurer folder in the office and is also attached to this document.
  • Place receipts and completed payment request forms in the PTA Treasurer folder. Please DO NOT EMAIL receipts and check requests.
  • Reimbursement checks can be picked up in the Bradfield office (they will be in an envelope with the payee’s name on it in a folder labeled “Reimbursement Checks” within the PTA Treasurer folder) approximately one week after the request is submitted.
  • If you need petty cash for an event (e.g., carnival cash boxes, spirit wear money), please contact the PTA Treasurer by email or text at least one week in advance to make arrangements.
Deposit and Money-Handling Procedures
  • Submit all cash or checks for deposit to the Treasurer-Elect by completing a Deposit Form (also located in the PTA Treasurer folder), placing the completed form and funds in an envelope, and turning it in within 24 hours of receipt. Clearly mark the outside of the envelope and be sure to count the money and checks for your records. If you are leaving a large deposit at school, please alert the office staff so that checks and cash may be put in a secure location.
  • Include a brief description on the envelope of what the deposits are for (e.g., carnival underwriting or ticket sales), total dollar amount, date, and your name.
  • Send an email or text to notify the Treasurer-Elect that money has been placed in the office or mailbox because the Treasurers don’t check the box every day.
Reports and Budgeting
  • Treasurers will give VPs updated Profit and Loss statements at the monthly board meetings so that they can share the information with their group to keep everyone on track with budgets