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Nothing is more important than the safety of your child and all of our children. Please take time to read the Carpool Safety Rules and share that information with whomever delivers or picks up your child from school. 

Inattention, talking or texting on your cell, moving too fast or not following the carpool rules is absolutely no excuse for the injury or death of a child.

If you choose to cut in line or turn into the carpool lane from Mockingbird from the eastbound lane or the westbound lane you're cutting off all your friends and neighbors lined up on Douglas. To enter the northbound queue line from Douglas, go to Beverly Drive and turn towards the school. To enter the southbound queue line from Douglas, go to Normandy and turn towards the school. All of us have children to deliver and places we need to go. Please be courteous, a good Bradfield Citizen and follow the rules! 

Here are The Top 6 Carpool Line Violations

1. Holding up the Line. 

Every school has a designated spot to drop off your children. It is never the spot where you want to drop your kids off. Learn and accept this, and you'll be doing many a great service. Following the rules of car lines are absolutely essential to the sanity of all parents involved. 

In the world of school carpool lines, this is the most egregious and self-centered act a person can commit. Don't be this person. Everyone in line is in a hurry. Nobody in line actually enjoys being there. We are all in the same boat. Preying on the weak of the herd by force-cutting in front of them is just plain wrong and sends a terrible message to your children. 

3. Being Too Nice. 

The carpool line is no place for the meek and mild. It is a place to follow the rules and assertively stand up for your own place. Waving others in front of you when they are obviously cheating the system sends a chain reaction of negative effect behind you. Pay it forward...not backward. 

4. Not Paying Attention. 

This person means no wicked malice. They are just clueless as to what they are participating in. Maybe they are deep in thought, reading a great book, or just staring off into the bright sunshine, but they are holding up the line by constantly lagging behind and leaving several car lengths of distance between them and the car above them. This allows the predator, the line-cutter, ample space to do their deeds. Pay attention. Please. 

5. The Unattended Car. 

Ultra frustrating is the person that parks their car while in line and leaves it. They might be going to sign their child out or just talking with another friend in another car, but never should a person leave their car unattended. Assuredly the line will begin to move and you'll be the one stuck behind the car with no driver, as that person casually makes their way back to their vehicle. Park your car elsewhere if you have to leave it for any reason. 

The chink in the armor. The bee in the bonnet. The late arriver blows up even the best laid plans. For whatever excuse, they are habitually late and then attempt to circumvent the system any way they can to avoid the consequence. They will pass the line entirely and try to "double park" the line and get their child. Or they will park in illegal areas and have their child meet them there, putting the child in danger as they make their way through all the other cars properly in line. If you're late...you're late. Deal with it rationally. 

Thank you for doing your homework and starting our year out SAFELY!

Bradfield PTA