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Community Rewards: Tom Thumb

Bradfield is grateful to have Tom Thumb stores supporting our school!
Tom Thumb Community Bucks 
When you shop at Tom Thumb during the month of September through September 30th, you will receive one Tom Thumb Community Buck for every $50 in groceries you buy. Please don't toss these bucks!

Collect as many as you can and simply send them to school in your child's folder or drop them in the Tom Thumb Community Bucks Box in the front office. For every Community Buck collected, Bradfield will receive $1 in Tom Thumb gift cards. The gift cards will be given to families in need over the holidays. The more we collect, the more generous we can be with others in our community.

The Community Bucks will come with your receipt upon checkout. This is one of the many ways Tom Thumb gives back to our school. Help us make the Bradfield community a better place just by turning in your Tom Thumb Community Bucks!
Tom Thumb Card Logo Money
Tom Thumb Reward Card: Good Neighbor Program
You read that right:  Tom Thumb will give FREE MONEY to Bradfield and all you have to do is write down a number. It really is that easy. Just link your Reward Card to Bradfield Elementary by filling out the short form below and return it in your child's folder. By doing that one simple thing, 1% of all your grocery purchases at Tom Thumb (and those of anyone who wants to copy the form and add Bradfield to their account: grandparents, aunts, uncles, neighbors, etc.) will come back to Bradfield. Little effort, huge results!  BRADFIELD'S REWARDS NUMBER IS 7834.
If you type in your phone number at the checkout and don't know your actual Rewards Number, just call 877-723-3929 and Tom Thumb will help you out. Super fast, super easy.
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