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So much learning was packed into this morning's math! We created google slide shows to teach others about money and fractions. You'll notice in this picture, and 8 year old  student is teaching others how to make changes to slide shows to make them more visually exciting! This is what learning looks like in 2017!
Our class hosted the Emergency Room Doctor during our Expert Day events! Students learned how to put on a cast, wrap bandages, and what to do to stop a wound from bleeding! Students said this was their favorite day of the year so far!

Our class spent time writing the step by step procedure we believed was necessary when decorating Bradfield's famous Christmas Cookies! Mrs. Graeber then met with us to discuss how accurate we were with our instructions! She complimented us on how precise we were with the steps we provided, the suggestions of sprinkles to be used, as well as different decorating tips. Here's just another reason why we love Bradfield Elementary!


These girls read several nonfiction books about dogs and noticed that the information from a page in one book could be added to the information from the page of another book.

Experts grow knowledge across books and notice parts that go together.

Today we had a mystery number google hangout with a 2nd grade class located in the upper Midwest. (The location is a surprise until a future hangout!) It is amazing how education has changed through technology and how small our world becomes! We are anxious to get connected with other classrooms. Our next hangout is on December 1st and we are super excited!

Reading Mini-Conference

The readers know just what to do when they come across a tricky word. They use the whole page to help them unlock the meaning of the unknown word!