Enter to Learn. Go Forth to Serve.

John S. Bradfield Elementary

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Principal's Message

Mrs. Regina Dumar, Principal

Welcome to John S. Bradfield Elementary’s ninety-second year serving the families of the Park Cities and providing academic excellence for children! What an exciting time to become a Bradfield Bronco. I have already felt such a warm welcome from the staff and community members. Each day has been filled with learning the traditions that each of you hold so dear to your heart. I cannot wait to meet each of you and begin learning your names. I want to thank you in advance for entrusting your child and their learning environment to the Bradfield staff. The excellence shown by this staff has already amazed me. They are phenomenal collaborators to ensure your child has a successful year.  A school is a place of teaching and learning but also a place for building friendships and creating memories that will last a lifetime.  I am honored to be part of these special and important years for your child.

Bradfield Elementary is an outstanding school in many ways.  The instructional staff is not only skilled and seasoned, they are dedicated to teaching every child every day. Our district motto is “Enter to Learn, Go Forth to Serve.” One of our staff goals is to ensure this common belief each day so they may “conquer the world” when it is time to walk out our doors to the intermediate school and beyond.  In close association with our teachers, Bradfield parents are partners in everything we do!  From volunteering in the cafeteria to providing resources our students and staff need to do our best and most important work; our parents walk beside us every step of the way every day. It is this partnership of mutual high expectations that has resulted in: children developing a lifelong love of learning; recognition by the Texas Education Agency as an Exemplary school every year since the inception of the school rating system; and further recognition by the National Education Agency as a No Child Left Behind National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence, an honor reserved for the top two percent of American Public, Charter, Parochial, and Private schools. 

I look forward to greeting you and your children every morning and making this journey a success together.

Regina Dumar, Principal
Enter to Learn, Go Forth to Serve!