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Dear Bradfield Families,

It is almost time to update your child(ren)’s health information in preparation for the 2017-2018 school year. New this year, we are using a secure online health portal, called SNAP, to capture health information. Because we require this health information to be in a secure environment, each parent has a unique username and password.

Please watch your email inbox in June for an email with login information for SNAP. We recommend that you change your SNAP password to match your other school accounts.

Parents will have a single account where they can view all of their students’ health data, even students who attend different schools in the district. Once logged in, you will be able to access the Portal and enjoy the benefits below:

  • Update your student’s health info, including allergies and medical conditions.
  • Download medication administration forms and Action plans
  • Electronically send doctor’s orders or changes to orders
  • Electronically send required immunizations
  • Electronically send Action plans (Seizure, Asthma, LTA, etc.)
  • Receive notifications when prescription medications are in need of a refill
  • Send/receive encrypted, secure communications to/from your school nurse.

Please make sure to add to your address book to ensure your unique username/password and portal notifications will be received.

Click here for SNAP Portal Information Guide to help you as you navigate the portal

There are two steps required to complete your health information for the upcoming school year:

  1. Enter the SNAP Portal and verify or update the following information:
  • Contact Information – Please note that if you need to change any existing information, you must do so through Skyward.
  • Vaccines
  • Allergies/Conditions (including current medications)


*The areas that need to be completed will appear under ALERTS on the Dashboard. Note that you may toggle between Dashboards for your children in the upper left corner of the screen.

  1. Please note the following as it relates to the Health Information:
  • Please list significant medical history, allergies and medications in the SNAP Portal. If your student has been diagnosed with asthma, Life threatening allergies, or seizures, please have your child’s physician sign the Asthma, Allergy, or Seizure Action Plan. These plans are located on the SNAP Portal under Forms or on the HPISD website under Health Services.
  • Please list over-the–counter and prescription medications taken daily or at school in the SNAP Portal under Allergies/Conditions.
  • Please include any immunization updates. New students must submit up to date official immunization record. This is required by the state of Texas in order to attend the first day of school.


All Health Services forms can be found on the SNAP Portal under Forms or on the HPISD website under Health Services. If you have any questions or concerns please (lead district nurse). Thank you in advance for your cooperation and patience with our new procedures!

Warm Regards,

Kim Hartis, RN
Bradfield Elementary Nurse