Enter to Learn. Go Forth to Serve.

John S. Bradfield Elementary


Friday, November 3, 2017, 3pm - 6pm

The annual Bradfield Carnival promises thrills for kids, families and businesses in our community. Bounce Houses, Zip Lines, Euro Bungees, a DJ, Food Trucks are just part of the fun at the Bradfield Carnival!  

We would love to get you involved. Please look for upcoming flyers with all kinds of opportunities to help from volunteering to underwriting. The support we receive from Bradfield parents is always key to the huge success of carnival.

We hope you consider sponsoring the 2017 Bradfield Carnival to make this our best year yet! Your support will be recognized throughout the fall and during the carnival. The money raised will provide our school with the additional funds needed to maintain an exceptional learning environment for our children.

All children must have ticket bands to participate on each ride and game.
We are so excited your families are part of Bradfield, and we look forward to the Bradfield Carnival! 

Carnival Co-chairs:

Lindsey Miller, Missy Finger, Paige Andrews, Shannon Williams