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Communications Guidelines

Bradfield PTA Communication Guidelines: 2017-2018

These guidelines are intended to help you be as effective as possible in getting your message out to the Bradfield community.


The Bronco eBulletin is sent weekly and is the primary communication tool for the PTA. Submissions should be for Bradfield events or Bradfield-sponsored events only.

  • Email your article to Claire Baker (PTA President) and Jackie Tilden (VP Communications) by Wednesday at 12 noon for the following week’s eBulletin. They will obtain approval from Mrs. Dumar. Please copy your PTA VP on your submission.
  • Be brief but specific with your write-up, including all necessary information (dates and times, contact information, etc.).
  • Provide any documents you would like to have linked to the article in a PDF format.
  • Provide any photos in a JPEG format.

Individual eBlasts

Individual eBlasts are to be used when you need a reminder sent out during the week separate from the eBulletin. 

  • Share your eBlast with your PTA VP before submitting it.
  • Email your requested eBlast to Claire Baker and Jackie Tilden at least 24 hours prior to when you would like the eBlast to go out. They will obtain approval from Mrs. Dumar.


Room Parents eMails

If you would like to send information out through Room Parents (either school wide or grade-specific), please email specifics to Room Parent Chairs Jacqueline Hubbard and Katherine Sbaiti (roommom@bradfieldpta.org).  Please be sure to copy Claire Baker and Jackie Tilden.

Friday Folders & Flyers

Friday Folders can be used to distribute flyers when a PTA event requires something to be returned to a committee by parents (for example, a registration form or check).

  • Share your flyer with your PTA VP before submitting it.
  • Email your flyer to Claire Baker and Jackie Tilden by Wednesday at 12 noon at the latest (earlier is better!). The flyer will be forwarded to Mrs. Dumar for approval. Note:  Approval for the use of colored paper is required.
  • Retrieve your approved flyer (with Mrs. Dumar's initials) from the “Approved Flyers” bin.
  • Here is where the Gold Star System is put to use! The Gold Star System allows us to cut down on paper by identifying the only or oldest child in the family at Bradfield. Please utilize this system when appropriate. (Note: Mrs. Dumar will place a star on flyers that should be distributed to only one child per family) Ideally, consider this concept when creating your flyer…look to gather all the information for a family on one form if possible.
  • Consult the Gold Star instructions located on the teacher workroom bulletin board when you make copies.
  • Place all copies in each teacher’s box to be distributed. All copies for Friday Folders should be in the teachers’ boxes by noon Thursday at the latest to be sure they go out.


Video Announcements

Special announcements are done on Tuesdays and Thursdays each week, and there are time allotments for just 3 announcements each of those days. If you would like to do a special announcement for your PTA event, please email your announcement to Leslie Kennemer after sharing it with your PTA VP.  Please send your request 1 week prior to ensure you obtain a spot. Leslie will obtain approval from Mrs. Dumar.


If you would like information included on the Bradfield website, please share it with your PTA VP first. Then email it to Claire Baker, Jackie Tilden and Marie Facini (website liaison).

Publicity Articles (HPISD email, Park Cities People, etc.)

If you have an event you would like to share in the HPISD district email, Park Cities People or Bubble Life, please email the content along with any pictures to Anabel Atkinson (publicity@bradfieldpta.org) and Jackie Tilden. 


  • Claire Baker, PTA President: president@bradfieldpta.org
  • Jackie Tilden, VP Communications: vpcommunications@bradfieldpta.org
  • Chelsea Duvall and Gretel Shipley, VP Communications Elects: vpcommunicationselect@bradfieldpta.orgson
  • Anabel Atkinson, Publicity Chair: publicity@bradfieldpta.org
  • Jacqueline Hubbard and Katherine Sbaiti, Room Mom Chairs: roommom@bradfieldpta.org
  • Leslie Kennemer, Bradfield Technology: kenneml@hpisd.org