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BBTV Overview

BBTV: Bradfield’s Broadcasting System

BBTV is our Bradfield Bronco Television Station which hosts our morning show, “Good Morning, Bradfield!” Bradfield fourth graders organize, produce, and host the morning show.  Each fourth-grade class has the opportunity for every student to participate in either the production or performance of the newscast for an entire six weeks.  Students sign up for their top two position choices out of a total of a possible eight choices which include four talent spots and four crew members.  Each group of eight are employed by BBTV for two weeks.

By applying real-world 21st Century skills such as effective communication, engaging presentation, and using state of the art technology applications while learning to work as a team, train other students, and present relevant information to the whole student body in an authentic broadcast studio environment, our students are preparing themselves for life beyond school.