Kristi LaViolette » Welcome to Mrs. LaViolette’s Fourth Grade Class!

Welcome to Mrs. LaViolette’s Fourth Grade Class!

I’m sure summer has flown by for you, and it’s hard to believe that Wednesday we come back to school. I am looking forward to a fantastic year of learning with you. Although I’ve been teaching for a while now, I still get excited about meeting a new group of students! We’ll be spending time next week settling in and becoming a learning community, but before then I’m going to ask you to do a little homework to prepare for the first day. Mainly, enjoy the weekend, but if you would collect the following items for Tuesday, that would be terrific! I know it is going to be a great year! 


  1. A healthy snack and a water bottle. We have a long morning before lunch, so you may get hungry and thirsty. 
  2. Your favorite book. This can be any book that you love. Please be prepared to tell me and your classmates why it’s your favorite book. 
  3. A book to read in class. If you are in the middle of a book right now, bring that, or bring one you would like to read.
  4. A sense of wonder and curiosity. What have you always wanted to learn? What makes you ask questions? This year we’ll be working on research and following our wonders and interests.